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The mission of the Election Integrity Foundation is to educate and assist U.S. and global populations to improve election integrity by involving stakeholders and the public on voting and election security issues. We do this by analyzing and improving election processes, technologies, and platforms, including the development of best practices and standards on election integrity.

We further uphold our mission by establishing voting villages and similar activities to allow the public, media, security experts, and voting officials to explore, demonstrate, and evaluate the security, usability, efficiency, practicality, and other properties of existing and proposed voting systems.

Another critical part of our mission is raising awareness of issues that threaten election integrity through reports, presentations, articles and interviews, and collaborative relationships with election officials, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, legal associations, and legislators.

Additionally, we focus on developing a pool of skilled professionals capable of addressing election and voting issues, analyzing and recommending changes to election laws and regulations, and assisting media in understanding and reporting on voting and election security issues.

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Meet Our Team

Harri Hursti Election Integrity Foundation

Harri Hursti


Harri Hursti, a world renowned data security expert and internet visionary, is the Founder of the Election Integrity Foundation as well as an original co-Founder of the Voting Village. Featured in two Emmy nominated documentaries, Mr. Hursti is famously known for the Hursti Hacks, where he demonstrated how to successfully alter final voting results on the Diebold Election Systems voting machines.

catherine terranova election integrity foundation

Catherine Terranova

VP of Operations

Catherine Terranova is a Columbia University alumna and researcher whose current focus is on cyber security and election integrity with an emphasis on data and voting rights. Ms. Terranova assisted in running the Voting Village at DEFCON 29, co-organized the Voting Village at DEFCON 30, and is currently organizing the 2023 Voting Village taking place at DEFCON 31.

matt blaze election integrity foundation

Matt Blaze

Chairman of the Board

Matt Blaze is one of the original co-founders of the Voting Village and is currently the McDevitt Professor of Computer Science and Law at Georgetown University. He has over two decades of experience with election system security, and his current research focuses on security, privacy, and robustness in large scale systems with an emphasis on problems at the intersection of technology and public policy.

Brian DeMuth

Treasurer of the Board

Brian DeMuth is a successful entrepreneur and technologist who has spent his career supporting the National Security Mission & commercial cyber market spaces. Brian founded/co-founded a number of companies in these markets and serves various advisory boards, board of directors, and mentorship positions related to Cyber and Tech.

David Jefferson

Secretary of the Board

Dr. David Jefferson is a computer scientist and an internationally recognized researcher on election security for well over twenty years, advising five Secretaries of State of California on voting technology issues. He served as the Chair of the Secretary of State's Post-Election Audit Standards Working Group, the panel that invented the notion of risk limiting audits and has written extensively on elections and voting security.

Philip Stark election integrity foundation

Philip Stark


Philip B. Stark is Distinguished Professor of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley, where he currently focuses on methodology and applications in physical, life, and social sciences. In 2007, he invented "risk limiting audits", endorsed by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and the American Statistical Association, among others, and is now required or authorized by law in about 15 states.

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